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Photo essay: Sunrise and resurrection at Grant Park!

April 21, 2019  |  Topics: Places

By Eddee Daniel


What a lovely surprise this morning! The sun rose; that was no surprise. After all, it rises religiously every day. I have faith in the sun even when it is obscured by an overcast sky.


Three people on Lake Michign beach at sunrise


The surprise was seeing it along with a few hundred other people. Most of them were there to celebrate Easter at dawn. It was simply serendipity that I showed up on Easter morning to celebrate the same dawn. And resurrection.


Hundreds of people gathered on bluff overlooking Lake Michigan


Whether or not you believe in the Easter story of the resurrection of Jesus of Nasareth, it is hard not to feel the power of the earth being reborn at this time of year. After enjoying the rising of the sun on the Lake Michigan shore, I sauntered back through the ravine on the Seven Bridges Trail. After last week’s blizzard …


snowy waterfall

April 14 at Whitnall Park


…it was especially invigorating to see wildflowers finally blooming. A resurrection indeed!


snow drop flowers in bloom

Snow drops


Daffodils catch the light of the rising sun

Daffodils catch the light of the rising sun


Bloodroot and Siberian squill in bloom

Bloodroot and Siberian squill





And, of course, tomorrow is Earth Day. All the more reason to celebrate the rising sun.


Eddee Daniel is a Milwaukee-based photographer and a board member of Preserve Our Parks. You can see more of his work on his website and on Flickr.