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Photo Essay: First snow

November 10, 2018  |  Topics: Spotlight

By Eddee Daniel


Were the snow yesterday and frigid temperatures today an anomaly or yet another indication that climate change affects us all? I won’t pretend to know the answer to that question, but I do know that it was beautiful yesterday morning. If you had to drive anywhere at rush hour I can understand that you might feel differently about it. I have the great fortune to live next to the Menomonee River Parkway and so was happy to leave the car in the garage and walk out to enjoy the falling snow.


As you will see, I was not alone. I began in Hoyt Park. The Oak Leaf Trail and the pedestrian bridge over the river are always popular. When I headed upstream though I had the riverside trail all to myself, except for a single fat tire cyclist. Here is a selection of the photos I made:







This is Heiner, who introduced himself when I asked why he veered off the paved, snow-free path to visit the tree (below). He told me it was his favorite tree and he visits it as a tribute to his late father. Oh, and the short sleeves and short pants? An exercise regimen for cold weather. He didn’t seem cold at all as we stopped and chatted! I, of course, was bundled in my parka.











Eastern wahoo


Eastern wahoo seeds









Eddee Daniel is a Preserve Our Parks board member and project director of A Wealth of Nature.