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Falk Park in Oak Creek

Activities: Birding, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Wildlife Viewing

An ecologically diverse southern mesic forest containing numerous ephemeral wetlands and two meandering streams. Naturalists have documented 162 unique plant species and 112 bird species here. Falk has been identified by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology program as a birding hotspot.


The 223-acre park is divided into two segments. The north section, between Rawson and Drexel Avenues, has a well-marked, easy hiking trail. Part of the county’s Forked Aster Trail system, the 1.1-mile trail loops through a large wet beech-maple forest and a dry oak-hickory forest.


The south section, named Barloga Woods in memory of an important local naturalist, is divided by 20th Street. The only parking is along the street and there are no trails.


Falk park is especially beautiful during the spring when the woodlands bloom with an array of native wildflowers, such as spring beauties, marsh marigold, and trillium. (Please note that in the interest of preservation all plants and wildlife are protected; harvesting and collecting are prohibited.)


For Milwaukee County Parks trail map, click here.

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