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Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area in Saukville

Activities: Birding, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing

Located just west of Saukville on Highway 33. Largest, most intact and diverse wetland in Southern Wisconsin. 2,200 acres with 245-acre Mud Lake, several smaller bog lakes, a small stream, marshes, sedge communities, shrub carrs and large expanses of cedar-tamarack swamp forest. A conifer-swamp hardwood forest is adjacent to the bog. Vegetation includes narrow-leaved sedges, pitcher plant, bogbean, water horsetail, arrow-grass, orchids, and the insectivorous sundew and bladderwort. Designated a State Natural Area and identified as an ebird hotspot.


There are two public access points. A trail to Watts Lake at the north end of the property can be accessed from a parking lot on Highway 33. A boardwalk to Mud Lake at the south end of the property can be accessed from a parking lot on Cedar Sauk Road. Much of the bog is operated as a scientific Field Station by the University of Wisconsin and is closed to the public except for special occasions. Watch for events sponsored by the Field Station, Friends of the Cedarburg Bog and Treasures of OZ.



For more information go to Friends of the Cedarburg Bog or the WDNR website .


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