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Hiking the Lincoln-Estabrook Connector Trail

May 18, 2021  |  Topics: Events

By Eddee Daniel

I have a short photo essay to share of a guided hike on the Lincoln-Estabrook Connector Trail. While the name makes it obvious where it’s located, what is missing is how important this connector trail is. Opened in 2018, this short segment completes the East Bank Trail, which follows the riverbank all the way from Caesar’s Park to Lincoln Park–a distance of about 7 miles. You can now hike the whole Greenway without ever having to cross a road. This hike took place in October (sorry it took me so long to post!) and was led by members of three organizations: Nearby Nature, Friends of Lincoln Park, and Friends of Estabrook Park.

One end of the trail begins at the north end of Estabrook Park.
The trail threads a narrow, rocky passage underneath Port Washington Road.
Our hiking group included representatives from River Revitalization Foundation, Urban Ecology Center, and MMSD.
The trailhead in Lincoln Park.

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Eddee Daniel is a board member of Preserve Our Parks and currently serves as Artist in Residence for River Revitalization Foundation.