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The Urban Ecology Center has resources available to everyone sheltering at home!

April 13, 2020  |  Topics: Articles

Preserve Our Parks and The Natural Realm are delighted to bring you the following special announcement from the Urban Ecology Center…

Your “backyard” may be a local park, or it may be connected to your home, but either way, we’re here to help make it your Urban Ecology Center while we all practice social distancing! We’re providing TONS of resources to help you enjoy your nearby nature: educational content for families, ideas for how to learn from nature, fun activities to share, and more! Check the UEC website regularly for new content.

There are three categories of activities available, as follows:

Look! Just outside the window, down the street, in your local park. It’s your “Backyard Classroom!” Ding-Ding, nature is in session! Check out these resources for fun, lessons, and how-tos, including how to explore nature, identify plants and animals, and more!

Open your door and step out into a natural world of adventure! When our experts can’t lead you in person, these resources will guide your journey to enjoy your nearest green spaces. Included are guides for adults and children, scavenger hunts and more!

Your nearest nature can be a data-rich destination for some riveting research. The guidance and inspiration in these resources will help you conduct your own backyard research and contribute your data to global projects! Included are many how-to guides for researching plants, animals and insects.

Go to In My Backyard to learn more about all of these opportunities.

Text, graphics and images courtesy The Urban Ecology Center. The UEC is a partner organization to A Wealth of Nature.