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Public to weigh in on proposal to rezone Sanctuary Woods in Wauwatosa

November 13, 2019  |  Topics: Issues

By County Grounds Coalition

Speak out to rezone Sanctuary Woods as Conservancy!

Last year, the City of Wauwatosa approved boundaries intended to protect the Sanctuary Woods section of the County Grounds. And in October of this year the Plan Commission voted unanimously to recommend rezoning the area as Conservancy. But the area has yet to be rezoned! Now the public is being given the opportunity to speak up and support this rezoning.

The race isn’t over until we cross the finish line. We urge you to come support the rezoning of our precious Sanctuary Woods!  

November 19th, Tues. 7:30 pm

Wauwatosa City Hall 7725 W North Avenue

Let’s finish this effort together to show how much we care for our Milwaukee County Grounds!

Sanctuary Woods and Mke Co Regional Medical Center from County Grounds Park

If you cannot make this public hearing please contact the Wauwatosa Common Council members: by email or phone and tell them you support this rezoning.

Next steps: Following this public hearing the issue will go to the Community Affairs Committee for review on Nov. 26. Then it will go to the full Common Council for final approval on Dec. 3.

To follow this issue go to CountyGroundsCoalition (facebook).

Long-eared owl in Sanctuary Woods

To learn more about the proposal to rezone Sanctuary Woods: Wauwatosa Plan Commission votes unanimously to rezone Sanctuary Woods as Conservancy

For a concise history of recent efforts to preserve Sanctuary Woods you can read “How Sanctuary Woods was saved. Almost” by Charles Mitchell, published in Urban Milwaukee Feb. 8, 2019.

To learn much more about Sanctuary Woods, including its historical significance, go to Jonathan Piel’s interactive map.

Editor’s note: Preserve Our Parks supports the effort to rezone Sanctuary Woods as Conservancy and to protect it in perpetuity.

The County Grounds Coalition is a group of dedicated individuals and organizations who have championed the preservation of the Northeast Quadrant of the County Grounds for over 20 years.

Photographs by Eddee Daniel, Project Director of A Wealth of Nature.