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rafters on the Milwaukee River at Estabrook Falls

Photo essay: The resilience of Milwaukee’s rivers

November 10, 2020  |  Topics: Issues, Spotlight

By Eddee Daniel

Sweet Water is the Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, whose mission is restoring the Greater Milwaukee watersheds to conditions that are healthy for swimming and fishing. Once a year Sweet Water convenes a conference that brings together (virtually this year) nonprofit, government, business and academic organizations to learn about improving the health of our watersheds. The conference is called Clean Rivers, Clean Lake and this year’s theme is “Resiliency.”

I want to thank Sweet Water for inviting me to present a series of photos for the conference that highlight Milwaukee’s three rivers. I have selected approximately 20 photos from each river that, I believe, demonstrate the resiliency of our waters and waterways. I present some of them here as a photo essay. The complete set can be seen in a Flickr album I’ve created for the purpose.

To see the complete set of images of Milwaukee’s resilient rivers, go to Flickr.

Sweet Water is a partner organization to A Wealth of Nature. Eddee Daniel has worked for or with a number of organizations that are instrumental to the effort of improving our rivers, some of which are represented in the photos, including Milwaukee Riverkeeper and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.