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People walking and riding bikes on the Oak Leaf Trail in Hoyt Park

Photo essay: Christmas Day in the park

December 26, 2019  |  Topics: Places

By Eddee Daniel

What a blessing! Yes, I know we missed the coveted “white Christmas” and I am one of those who enjoys the snow at this time of year. However, people seemed to be voting with their feet yesterday, and I among them, as we went outside to enjoy the spring-like temperatures in our local park, Hoyt Park. I feel incredibly fortunate, as I so often do, to have such a beautiful place to visit on such beautiful days. What a sweet example of the wealth of nature in our midst. I hope you enjoyed your local park as much as the hundreds of people I witnessed in Hoyt. Here is a selection of images of a few of them.

Several people, including one in a wheelchair, greeting each other on a foot bridge
Strangers greeting each other on the Hoyt pedestrian bridge.
Three people on the pedestrian bridge over the Menomonee River.
The iconic foot bridge over the Menomonee River.
two cyclists on a woodland trail
Rendezvous in the woods.
parents helping a young girl climb on a fallen log
Lesson: how to climb a log!
Pulling the dog.
a girl on a bike on the Oak Leaf Trail seen through pine trees
The trail beyond the pines.
Two mountain bikers on the Hoyt mountain bike trail.
Riding the Hoyt mountain bike trail.
two boys on scooters in front of a fence
Dueling scooters (outside the Hoyt Pool).
Several people walking and riding bicycles on the Oak Leaf Trail
The Oak Leaf Trail.
two young girls striding through a pine grove
Young explorers.
three young children, two on bikes and one on a scooter
a lone cyclist riding along the Oak Leaf Trail at sunset
A lone cyclist at sunset.

Eddee Daniel is a board member of Preserve Our Parks and Project Director of A Wealth of Nature.