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Photo essay: A busy afternoon at Fox Brook Park

June 28, 2019  |  Topics: Places

By Eddee Daniel

The day was sultry. Warm enough to crowd the beach on a mid-week afternoon. I’d been to the park before but I hadn’t taken the trail that circles around the lake, which is what I did this time. In addition to the lovely scenery I discovered that this is a very popular park even beyond the beach. It draws a remarkable diverse clientele, of all ages, too.

A one-mile multi-use path encircles the lake

Fox Brook is a Waukesha County Park located on Barker Road just south of Capitol Drive in Brookfield. Although it is 223 acres, most of the park is comprised of wetlands, which are preserved and protected as a natural habitat and open space. The remaining portion, including the 25-acre lake, is clearly well loved!

Inaccessible wetlands lie north of the beach and other public areas
The fishing pier
Picnicking on grassy areas near the lake
Cycling on the multi-use path
Kayakers find a secluded cove at the far end of the lake
Volleyball court with wetland beyond
A panorama of silky dogwood, which was in bloom all around the lake
Caught one!
Heading to the wild side!
View of the beach from the wild side

I didn’t see any wildlife while I was at the park, except for a few small birds. However, on my way to and from there I was very lucky to come across these lovely creatures.

Taking a wrong turn down Wilderness Way I chanced upon this family of Sandhill Cranes in McCoy Park. I followed them as they crossed the road and wandered up to a neighbor’s bird feeders to “forage.”
A similar thing happened in Rolling Meadows Park, where I crept along in my car as these wild turkeys ran the length of the park before veering off into people’s yards.

For more information about Fox Brook Park, including a park map, click here.

Eddee Daniel is a board member of Preserve Our Parks and project director of A Wealth of Nature.