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Zinn Preserve in Hartford

Activities: Birding, Fishing, Snowshoeing, Wildlife Viewing
Beck Lake panorama in winter

Beck Lake panorama in winter


Located in the Town of Erin, the Zinn Preserve is owned and managed by Ozaukee Washington Land Trust. Its 187 acres of wetland, upland and lakes is “unimproved.” In other words, there are no amenities. Except for an access trail leading to a pier on the lake, there aren’t even any trails.


The protected property lies between the northern and southern units of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, an area known throughout the Midwest for its unique glacial features and rare plant communities. The preserve is within the Southeast Glacial Plains, which is an ecological landscape comprised of glacial till plains and moraines. This 40-mile stretch contains some of the most notable geologic and scenic features of Kettle Moraine. These features include the two lakes that lie within Zinn Preserve.


There is a very small, unpaved parking space with room for about two cars. A sign indicates its location on Dublin Road.


For more information go to the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust website.

For a map of the property, click here.


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793 Dublin Drive
53027, Hartford, WI, US