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Warnimont Park in Cudahy

Activities: Birding, Cross-Country Skiing, Cycling, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Wildlife Viewing

Oak Leaf Trail overlooking Lake Michigan


Located in Cudahy, this 248-acre park features panoramic views from steep bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, along with woodlands, shrublands, grasslands, fens, and deep ravines.

A stop on the Forked Aster Trail System; the trail meanders along the top of the bluff. The paved Oak Leaf Trail also runs through Warnimont Park, connecting it with Sheridan Park on the north and Grant Park on the south.


Identified by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology program as a birding hotspot, Warnimont is a very popular birding destination during migration season.


Warnimont Bluff Fens State Natural Area, is located within the park, one of three designated State Natural Areas within the Milwaukee County Park System. Due to the fragility of the ecosystem, access to the bluff-side fens is restricted. However, a variety of uncommon and rare plants can be viewed from the bluff top above and the beach below, including grass-of-Parnassus, swamp lousewort, Kalm’s lobelia, soapberry, elk sedge, brittle-leaf sedge, field horsetail, variegated horsetail, Ohio goldenrod, slender bog arrowgrass, lesser fringed gentian, and one of few thriving populations of the state-threatened false asphodel.


Other amenities include the Kelly Senior Center, an 18-hole golf course, archery range, and a popular dog park.



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5400 S. Lake Dr.
53110, Cudahy, WI, US