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Emerald Preserve in Oak Creek

Activities: Birding, Hiking, Running, Wildlife Viewing


This 18-acre preserve is a restored wetland in the heart of the Drexel Town Square development in Oak Creek. It has approximately a mile of paved and boardwalk trails through wetlands, pollinator habitat, a woodlot, and around several ponds. Although small in size, Emerald Preserve exemplifies the benefits of including wildlife habitat in close proximity to city spaces.  Leashed dogs are allowed.


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology identifies Emerald Preserve as an ebird Hotspot with 66 species recorded, including green and great blue herons, downy, hairy and red-bellied woodpeckers, double-crested cormorant, ruby-crowned kinglet, peregrine falcon, pie-billed grebe, American wigeon, red-breasted and common mergansers, and many more.


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8031 S. 6th Street
53154, Oak Creek, WI, US


Tel.: 4147718857