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50 Years - Earth Day 2020

Celebrate 50 years of Earth Days: Join the #trashtag challenge!

April 4, 2020  |  Topics: Issues

Editor’s note: We at Preserve Our Parks are delighted to share this message from one of our A Wealth of Nature project partners, the Pringle Nature Center in Kenosha County. There’s no reason on Earth why anyone who lives in other places can’t join in the effort.

What is the #trashtag challenge?

In 1970, the annual tradition of Earth Day began when 20 million Americans joined together to protest pollution. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the connection between human health and the environment is more apparent than ever. While we maintain physical distance for the good of public health during the COVID19 crisis, we can still come together, thanks to social media, to give back to our community. The #trashtag challenge is a way to encourage people all over the world to take responsibility for the Earth by cleaning up their own neighborhoods. In our current situation, this is the perfect way to care for our communities while getting fresh air and following public safety guidelines. All you need is a few minutes to show you care!

How do I participate?

Please exercise caution and follow local health and safety ordinances at all times.
Do not go outside if you, or a member of your household, has recently been ill.

  • Pick a location: A park, a roadside, your yard—any outdoor space that has trash will do! Do not venture into private property or parks that are closed.
  • Be safe: Maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet between yourself and others not in your household. If venturing away from home, only go out during daylight, avoid unsuitable weather conditions, and let someone know where you are going to be.
  • Be sanitary: Wear gloves and protective clothing. Tongs and grabbers are helpful in creating separation between you and the trash. Properly dispose of any trash and wash your hands and clothing after you are finished.
  • Share your success: Post before and after photos or video on social media, and challenge your friends and family to do the same. Use the hashtags below so that we can track the success of our community’s cleanup effort: #trashtag #cleankenosha.
  • Addendum: Feel free to add #awealthofnature as well!

For more information go to the Pringle Nature Center website. Graphics used courtesy Pringle Nature Center. Images captured from Earth Day Network video, which can be viewed on the Pringle Nature Center website.